Thursday, December 5, 2013

James Cerrero , huling monarkiya ng Pilipinas

Sa La Salle Green Hills , isang kataastaasang pagtingin ng paaralan na syang tanyag ang pagaaral ng ating huling monarkiya na si James Cerrero, Marami ang nagsasabi na sila ni Ram Skyler De Leon , Leonnes Marcial , at Prinsipe Kiram ng sulu ang nagkarelasyon ang kamahalan sa bansa, palatandaan niya ang kwintas ng buong monarkiya na ipinapasa sa heredero ng bansa o tagapagpaganap .

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Imperial Prince found , Abs CBN

Last chance of the philippines na eh , bangon na , James Stephen Cerrero, Makati City,
LSGH , imperialismo ibalik in the country , kung ang korea may House of Yi , UnitedKingdom may British Royality ang pilipinas may imperialismo

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Last monarchy found in LSGH !

At La Salle Green Hills at Ortigas Avenue , Mandaluyong City ,a private sectarian instutution wherein a young 12 yearold 8th grader we have been investigating from his birth , that he was an unpopular student but in our tests we have certified him as the biological monarch of the modern year, descendant of the previous monarch Irfan al-Izza whom had a secret promise that a biological monarch would have the birthmark that would represent the Philippines, in this particular part that student has been in the facial reaction of the hidden long lost descendant of Irfan al-Izza during the said japanesse occupation onwards the country, the young man is been named James Stephen Jimenez Cerrero ,  the said descendant of the raja . The proof is only about the royal birthmark in his tummies, that it is not yet been exposed through the public , whoever reads this source is a liable to the history of the Philippines, this is not retouched or changed the legend that not all in the monarchy was washed out and died that he looked more simmilar to the king himself,  my sufficiencies in having supperlative causes in a way that made me think the goverment in PDAF, Corruption, and etc to explain, his foot would look different when he was borned.

The student is not yet at the righful age to be in the position but at the right mindset and coursed character and voice, misconceptions would ask why him ? , but the thing is the goverment we live on since the past was wrong of handling and the kind of govt of democraticacy that follows a monarch was first than a president of a republic state,
from Ifran al-lzza , Mahithir Panjang, Hua Jun, Ahmed Panhag , Wu zhun and til to Solaiman and lastly James Cerrero